Written by: mahvash A.M.U.

Sometime walking in a slow rain
I find myself like a shattered pane	
This tear jerking fact nags me to cry
But then my heart asks me why? 

My heart pounding fast at that deserted place
Taking me away that breeze hit my face
Totally lost and engulfed in that rain
Those erratic expressions ostense my pain

With my lost soul thumping like hell
Was probing for a destination safe as shell 
I was gabbling to myself but was dead inside
All scared was still searching for guide

Each drop seemed so puissant to kill me slowly 
That I found myself getting quartered into pieces awfully
My heart was slowly melting with that rain 
Was smiling furtively and getting free from the pain

I felt hollow and searched for the lost part
Then on my palm thumping fast I found my heart 
A bright light then came and I turned around 
A door was there that's all I found 

That eerie and glimmering door pulled me inside
I saw a fairy with the place quite wide
And then saw those doors counting seven
They were none but doors to heaven

Finally was feeling quite cheerful and snugged 
And then recalled the pain I ultimately ducked
I asked the God why in heaven I got my berth
He replied as I was too innocent for that earth