Promise Me This

Written by: Summer Arthur

Promise me this,
When we kiss,
You'll hold me in your arms
And make me feel safe.

Promise me this,
When I look into your eyes,
I'll see the truth that comes out in
Every word you speak.

Promise me this,
You won't say forever,
Forever's just a lover's illusion,
The future has more to hold.

Promise me this,
When I'm tired,
Lay my head down on your chest
And cover me.

Promise me this,
Before you say goodbye,
You'll take the time to say the words
To end it all for good.

Promise me this,
You'll never be cold,
You'll never say you don't care,
You won't leave me bleeding.
And promise me this,
That when the winds blow,
The weather brings a storm,
You'll still be there to keep me warm.

Promise me this
And I will promise you
That my heart is yours until
The very end.... <3