Written by: kathryn ramirez

A dream or premenition, call it what you may,
It was so vivid, all the details are impossible to say.
On a beautiful day,stroll through the park,and hearts filled with Joy.
Then all of a sudden the sky opened up and the choas called to deploy.
The children, who once played up and down the slide,
Was scared, running and screaming, their mothers cried.
A boom, and pop, the noise was so loud.
then all of a sudden, I just vanished from the crowd.
a wierd feeling had become me, now I am someplace new.
I feel dirt and sand beneath my feet, I am wearing no shoes.
I look up to see an orange sky, with rocks raining down.
I can see in the distance, what remains of a small town. 
maybe four paces to my left, smoldering in char
Is all that's left of what appears to be some poor family's car.
I drop to my knees, lost in pure despair.
Is this it? Is the whole world beyond repair?
a vioce with no sign of a body, whispers in my ear,
This is what is soon to come, if you don't need me here.
I had some unusual flash backs, of congressional bills of law,
something like "united under ____  and justice for all"
That's when it hit me,I remembered we had evicted him from our land.
so when the evicted decides to leave, the landlord must understand.
Is it to late? I asked him, down on bended knee,
I began to pray, and I asked him to forgive me.
I awoke this morning, to see my children living and well.
I was dazed all day, But about this dream, I had no strength to tell.
I am too afraid to mention it to others, for they will not believe.
And I am too scared of their judgements, for I am sure of what I will recieve.
What would you do my friends, had this dream belonged to you?
Would you brush it off your shoulder, or warn everyone you knew?