Written by: Seren Roberts

Adultery means  you have  lost my trust
A special word its true
And for what, just for lust
She made a fool of you

Now she no longer wants you
You served her purpose well.
Wanted to get back at me
Now sent us both to hell.

What was it she could give you
That I was lacking in.
What special power did she have
For you to commit this sin

Can I ever forgive you
Right now I’d say” no way”
Just for a one night stand
You blew our love away.

Was it my fault this happened
Have I ignored you in some way
Have I not shown you my love
Have I turned the other way.

If so I am sorry
My love for you is great
I worshipped the ground you walked on
But you rubbed it in my face

Maybe memories will fade in time
And I will let you home
But will I ever trust you again
This I cant confirm

Cos trust has to be earned
Once gone its hard to retrieve
Slowly but surely it can return
This I do believe.