Written by: precious foreman

  From the way you hold me to the way you kiss me on my inside parts it blows my mind away.  My heart skips a beat whenever you are around so it can catch up to the rhythm of yours.  You make my day just by being a phone call away.  Our love we share is rare and the thought of not having you is something I just cant bare.  The smell of your cologne to the scent of your hair.  I love you so much and I dont care who in the world knows.
  The day you asked me to be your girl I was more than overwhelmed.  I felt like a little kid on Christmas that got everything I asked Santa for. Over these past few weeks you and I have had many ups and downs.  I dont know why you stay, but I stay cause the love I have for you is real and the way you had me making those sounds!  Everyday in the shower without you I just think of us having another round!
   I gave my heart to you and I hope you handle this package with gentle care.  Its been through a lot of wear and tear so if it's not to much to ask if you cant handle it, bring it back the way you received it cause I'm not sure if she can stand another heart attack.