Flea on Me

Written by: Susan Burd

There’s a flea on me
That I cannot see.

I feel his sharp bite
All day and all night

He jumps up and down
From my tail to crown.

So I scratch and scratch
At each itchy patch.

I try and I try
To find that mean guy.

He hides in my fur
As I shake and stir.

It’s driving me nuts!
I hate his flea guts.

Every now and then
He nibbles again.

I can’t stand that bug!
Gosh, I need a hug!

Oh, please dear boy,
You’ll fill me with joy.

Just fall to your knees
And give me a squeeze.

‘Cause the time is right
For flea to take flight.

Shoo, shoo, flea-bug, shoo
Off me onto you!

By Susan Burd © 2011