Written by: Nathan Fehr

I sit here all alone
My heart cold as stone
Nobody will care
For the regrets i bare

I'm on my own
My depression shown
Dying inside
For the times i cried

Is on my mind
Wanting to send
Myself to my end

When I've died
I will look inside
To see what i am
And be glad i tried

I shut my mouth
And close my eyes
Countless regrets
And endless sighs

I didn't try
Let him pass me by
I don't know why
I deserve to die

All i am
And all I'll be
Is empty lies
And faded memories

He walked right by
I died inside
I am to blame
I just sat and cried

I brought much shame
To my name
Its not the same
Theres too much pain

I want to forget
What I've done
But what will that do
Prove I'm worthless too

He was all i had
And now hes gone
But I'm not sad
I'm really mad...