Masquerade of Lies

Written by: maritza pagan

Welcome to the Masquerade Ball 
Your mask is a cover for all your lies
I told you that to this dance you were not welcome
No extension of invitations did you receive
I will unmask you and you will stand in the center for all to see
Your words are meaningless 
You will lie down in the pile of lies you have created
Let us dance so I can be close to you
Grab your mask and embed my fingers in order to deface you
I will drive a stake through your heart 
It is cold and has no life in it
I will eat it for I hunger for vengeance
Your cold and lifeless body left in the center of the room 
Ballads and a waltz danced in your name
Twirls around you as you lay in your bed
Beheaded and placed on a plate
Posted on the mantle as a trophy
We will feast on your remains 
A celebration for all to enjoy
 Lies you wish to tell
A consequence you will pay
Welcome to the Masquerade Ball