Frog in My Throat

Written by: Susan Burd

There’s a frog in my throat.
I can’t get him out.
So I cough and I gag
And wriggle about.

But he’s stuck way in back
And won’t budge at all;
Not even when I run
Real fast in the hall.

So I turn upside down
And walk on my hands
Just hoping he’ll jump up
From out of my glands.

When I’m back on my feet,
He’s still stuck inside-
Now croaking and joking
As I open wide.

There’s only one sure thing
To shake this frog loose-
That’s to get a tall glass
Of honeyfly juice.

I open the fridge and
Then swallow it quick.
“Croak, Ribbit,”  Hop, hop . . .
Ahhhhh!  That did the trick!

By Susan Burd © 2012