Insecurity Blanket

Written by: Jessica K

My name is old you
And I'm creepin in
Reminding you of past sin
Of who you were back then
You say its under the blood
That its gone forever
But no matter how far you run
We are chained together

I'm a people pleaser
Do whatever they say
But if I mess up, do wrong
They'd all run away
Would my friends stay
If I told them no
Disappointing everyone wherever I go

I stare in the mirror almost everyday
Hating, disgusted on what it displays
It chooses to say whatever I allow
Ugly eyes,big thighs
Got a unibrow
Wrong skin color, wrong jean size
Maybe if I wore a disguise
Be considered a prize

I'm stressed out
Got enough on my plate
Doesn't help with the jokers
Saying I'm overweight
And I push it off
Try to ignore it all
It's only behind doors when I let tears fall

You say I'm royalty 
You say I'm destiny
But I've been drug 
Through the mud of insecurity
Tried to be holy
According to your word
But my conscience is blurred
from the lies I've head
Time to block them out
Listen to your voice
It's in Your grace I'm new and can rejoice
So I'm making a choice
Be all I can I be
Saying goodbye tonight
To insecurity