Written by: Susan Burd

I never want to own a slug.
I think they are disgusting bugs.
They have such slimy looking mugs
And give you damp and squishy hugs.

They leave a trail of goopy glop.
You’d always need a cleaning mop!
Slugs cannot fly or jump or hop
Or have fun with you when you shop.

They’re real drab, not like blue or red.
Two wriggly eyes pop from their head.
They will not snuggle in your bed
You can’t name them Ned, Ted or Fred

They can’t fetch sticks-they have no hips!
Slugs don’t eat bones, or treats like chips.
You can’t kiss them upon their lips.
Or take them on your family trips.

So, don’t try making one your pet,
‘Cause if you did, I’d surely bet
You’d live with one icky regret
That’s slimy, sticky, gross and wet!

By Susan Burd © 2012