My New Blue Hat

Written by: Susan Burd

Last Sunday I wore
My new blue hat,
And was cuter than
Miss Mabel’s cat.

I felt real smart and
Looked amazing.
My smile grew with
Everyone gazing.

Mom took my picture
On that spring day.
A breeze took my hat-
And whisked it away.

Then up, up it went
Into the sky.
It soared through the air
Waving goodbye.

I was sad to see
My new hat go.
I loved its blue hue
And missed it so.

Who could have found it?
I wish I knew
In which direction
My new hat blew.

As we passed the farm
Of Mr. Brown,
I saw something blue
That made me frown.

My hat found its place
Some way, somehow
And made its new home
On Bessie the cow!

By Susan Burd © 2011