My lone star

Written by: Mercy Cynthia Kyobutungi

I had not taken 
you seriously 
before but i'm 
glad i later did. I 
cannot express 
the feeling 
wholy, it is just 
too much 
well timed. 
You have given 
me what i'd 
never received, 
that beautiful 
love i thought 
i'd never get. 
When i slip and 
fall, you're 
always there 
to hold me and 
wash me clean. 
You walk in 
and i'm 
suddenly a 
hero. You 
make it seem 
like i'm so 
close to my 
Suddenly, i 
don't need an 
answer b'se i'm 
willing to tek 
all my chances 
with you. I 
pray you stay 
the same 
forever for 
you are my 
lone star...