Written by: Jack Ellison

My tummy speaks fluent Bowelanese
Every morning before my brekkie
Informing me in no uncertain terms
It needs more nourishment by heckie

It has quietly fasted all night long
Now wide awake looking for grub
Wonder what the consequences are
If I don't send some down from above

Tummy grumblings are quite universal
From the Aloha State to Timbuktu
Queens are known to have 'em at times
Followed by a Royal Fart or two

I guess that sounds a bit irreverent
But hey, Queens are people just like us
The only real difference is however
They can sit at the front of the bus

Now getting back to Bowelanese
A language even mentioned in Macbeth
Just lift one cheek and then the other
To release the body's excess

© Jack Ellison 2012