Written by: jan oskar hansen


The man, in my infancy, who said there were people 
on the moon, was laughed at; he was wrong, but not 
wrong in thinking there was other life forms on remote 
planets. Years ago a big plane got vanished and landed 
on the back of the moon where temperature is an even 
22 Celsius and there were an abundance of green fruit 
that looked like, bananas and nutty tasting blue grass.
Adults missing meat ate each other till there was only 
one left, the pilot, and dejected jumped off the moon. 
The youthful passengers and children got used to their 
surroundings and could cook bananas in fifty variations. 
They built caves and decorated them with chairs from 
the plane and as beds they used dried banana leaves….
 And as time went by the earth became a myth an idea 
of paradise lost. This generation of moon dwellers wore
no clothes, what´s point? Only women, on certain dates, 
wore dried green skirts. So the man who believed there 
was life on the moon may be right after all.