Written by: Mercy Cynthia Kyobutungi

Dawn is about 
to break and 
the uncanny 
silence that 
precedes is 
pierced by the 
song of a 
solitary bird. I 
wanna spread 
my wings but i 
just can't fly. 
The wheels 
are in motion, 
i'm ready to 
sail any ocean, 
because when i 
fell for you, i 
fell hard. I 
can't fight you 
anymore. Its 
cold again and i 
need you now; 
so long ago 
you told me 
you'd never 
leave, things 
have changed 
so suddenly. 
Here i am, 
moving on 
without you, 
what it'd be 
like if i saw you 
again. Where 
are you 
tonight? You 
could make