Loves Cruel Game

Written by: Johnny White

My heart has been broken. My heart has been torn wide open. I can't stop cryin. On the inside i'm diein. With you I felt so right. Now I cry through the night. I watched as you slipped through my fingers. My love for you still lingers. I hear your voice over the phone. The I realize i'm all alone. I wish I could still be the one. But I must remember that we are done. I can't stop thinking of you. I wish I could but it's true. Ive lost the one thing that mattered. And now my heart and soul are shattered. I don't know if ill ever be the same. I guess this is loves cruel game. I miss how it use to be. When you belonged to me. But I guess life goes on. Then why does letting you go feel so wrong. I won't be the one waiting for your kiss. That's one of the things i'm going to miss. I won't be the one to hold you tight. I won't be the one to keep you safe at night. I won't be the one to wake up next to you. This is horrible but sadly it's true. I thought we would have married. And our baby you would have carried. I thought you would have been my wife. And forever been in my life. But I guess some other guy will. Why does all this have to be real. But I guess I have talked to long. I wish you still loved a guy named John