Written by: Shahana Jackson

I swallow down my demons like coffee.
They keep me up sometimes at night.
I have never had someone treat me so good.
I've never felt how it would feel to have 
someone love me right.
The way you look me in my eyes I know
that you here to stay.
I cover myself in your blanket of love.
I use it to protect me from this cold bad world.

I grind up my issues like coffee beans.
They come out smoother and more polished
but still they disturb me.
I drink them down repeatedly. 
I have changed drastically because of you.
I no longer run from the things I'm afraid of.
Even though I am afraid of how much I love you
I run towards you. 
I love running towards you.
I collide into your love and things 
don't seem as bad as they were.

I could never really quit drinking coffee.
There are enough issues in life to always keep drinking. 
You have taught me how to sip slowly.
It is with your love that I am unbroken.

I take sips of you everyday.
You are my favorite thing to drink.
I fall more in love with you with every sip.
I will mourn the day I ever get to my last drip.