You Are Someone I Cannot Love

Written by: Robert Pettit

Lenina, I cannot deny I was attracted to you. Knowing you has brought me elation. You appeared to have feelings for me that were true. However, this relationship must have a cessation. I do not understand the ways of this civilization. Your kind of love has filled me with consternation. What I used to know is what I have missed. Our kind of love is different on the reservation. How could you fall in love with a non-conformist? For these reasons, please cross me off your list. I cannot accept these promiscuous ways. I was hoping for you to love only me. What strange bedfellows we keep nowadays. Life in this London appears as an anomaly. From all of these irregularities, I must flee. Based on the novel “Brave New World” by the late Aldous Huxley October 9, 2012