Danny Dare

Written by: Susan Burd

There once was a boy named Danny
Not anyone could scare.
He’d never fret or worry much
When taking any dare.

Danny climbed up any tree
Then jumped from limb to limb.
This kid would take all challenges
‘Cause nothing frightened him.

He’d hang ‘neath any railroad bridge
Or wait upon the tracks
And skate on slightly frozen ponds
Too thin and full of cracks.

Kids challenged him to eat some ants-
Especially the reds.
And even though they made him sick,
He bit off all their heads.

And as of only yesterday
There hadn’t been a bet
That Danny didn’t want to try
Or had not taken yet.

But just last night he took a dare-
To sleep out in a yard.
Old Danny boy would soon find out
Some dares are way too hard.

Down in that bone yard, things woke up
When Danny Dare was dared,
And I heard just this morning that
He still is running scared!

By Susan Burd © 2012