I Thought I Saw an Alien

Written by: Susan Burd

I thought I saw an alien
When I got out of bed.
He stared at me with blood shot eyes;
Spikes stuck out of his head.

Loud burps erupted from his mouth,
Followed by drippy drool.
He winced at my reflection as
I got ready for school.

I squeezed a blob of toothpaste out
And tried to help him brush,
But his bad breath was like a dog’s,
And he was in no rush.

The stinky, wrinkled shirt he wore
Looked like it hadn’t seen
Some sudsy, soapy water from
His mom’s washing machine.

I shook my head, he grossed me out-
Why won’t he go away?
My stomach felt real queasy as
My legs began to sway.

Then nasty sounds passed down below-
They made me want to scream.
I wasn’t sure if he was real-
Was I stuck in a dream?

Just then I heard my mother yell,
“Johnny, it’s time for school!”
Why do I have to go today?
It’s such a rotten rule.

I washed the grime from off my face
So I could finally see.
And it was then I realized
The alien was me!

By Susan Burd © 2011