Love Tribute to a NATIVE AMERICAN ship's captain in Alaska

Written by: Victoria Anderson-Throop

Love Tribute to a ship’s captain
                  By Victoria Anderson –Throop

In early May
Black rough seas
Fought stormy skies
The North Sea
Battled the blowsy gusts
Like an angry lover

In early May
My Norwegian madness
Attacked me like a dog
I yearned to feel
The wild motion under my feet
The spray screaming ice on my face
Ships were moored
Dry docked until June

My crazy man
A  ship's captain
Loved the stormy sea
Shared Viking blood
  His father,
       A Norwegian ship’s captain
        In Alaskan waters
       Went adrift in a storm
        And never left a sweet
        Inuit's bed.

My man felt it too,
The thrill of the wind and sea.

Doubtless foolhardy
Certainly risky
The smell of rain
And the thirty kinds of snow

We tossed the lines
And let the
Raging rig
Celebrate our
As the sky
Made passionate love to the sea.