Written by: ilene bauer

We all know those who cannot meet – 
Too busy, too much doing.
We understand and do not feel
That they are misconstruing.

Some that I know can’t even call – 
They cannot spare a minute.
I know they wish they had more time;
I have to bear and grin it.

There’s one way to communicate
That somehow never ends;
And if you play, you know that I
Refer to “Words with friends.”

It only takes a minute –
Check your letters, make your move;
But when you hit the “Play” key,
You know someone will approve.

It’s the modern day connector.
When I find myself a’yearn,
I plunk my word upon the board;
It’s now my partner’s turn.

It’s not quite conversation,
But connection nonetheless.
In times like these, such reciprocity
Denotes success!