Welcome to Silent Hill

Written by: Isabelle Gale

The darkness is coming  
It’s coming for all of you
You can’t play from it, it will seek you out
The fiends translucent complexion,  its skin is so thin
Thin enough that the black liquid within its veins are seeping out
Dripping to the corroded floor, eating straight through
It will sense your trepidation and drag itself and its blade to you
Consume your core and aura till all that’s left is forsaken fear
Wondering the darkness for eternity, becoming one of them
Then you will have maternity of the devil
Evil spewing from his heart, infecting his veins
He is coming for you
Breathing death and thriving on others fear
A walking dead and mere satanic existence
Hungry for human life form
Wandering decaying dorms which once served a purpose
The metal blade screams along the floor boards
Becoming the darkness, its in you
Insane deformed creatures conjured by blasphemer mentality
Wander this town, it’s corridors, walls with blood written notes
Screeching through twisted throats 
This small world sitting in constant thick fog
What was once familiar is now stained with devils blood
You had better hide now
It’s coming for you, It’s ready to kill
Welcome to Silent Hill.