Goodbye, Dad

Written by: Isabelle Gale

I clutch this childhood bear, it holds his essence, it’s Dad
My heart felt empty, I felt numb
I print images of him in my mind, his voice like a drum
 From when he became childlike...insane
It strangled my heart, drained my soul, caused pain
The formerly bold man before me is now a walking skeleton
A skeleton that still remembers his past lifestyle
He wanted to go to the miles of fields 
The fields that only he alone could perfect
They are now rotten…dead
He is now a memory,
Vague, but not forgotten
A cruel being stole his heart, ripped it out
Every day a new lie about my brother she would spout
He was your son, to him you were the one
The one that would show him the ropes
Dad, what happened
Why did you change
Why did you have to die
Why is that woman reaping the benefits
 And sharing it with a new guy
Mums left In a mess, you forgot about her
your job paid well, you were a farmer
But we forgive you Dad, you tried to do right
I understand it was difficult with that woman and her spite 
I love you, we all do, we miss you so bad
My friend, my parent, my Dad.