To My Son


We have not spoken in four years
I have cried one million tears
I do not know what else to do
You have broke my heart in two
You may never read this poem
And I will proably die alone
No son will never mourn for me
All my sorrow and pain I set free
When they lay me in the ground
My love will always be around
Maybe one day you'll reaize
A mothers love never dies
This wound so deep leaves a scar
sometimes I wonder where you are
You walked away never looked back
took her words as the living fact
A family tossed away no reason given
that day we died you went on living
A brand new life left us behind
how could you be so unkind
Six years of tears I have cried
no more my happiness denied
Nothing left for me to give to you
so to you my Son I bid adieu

Crolann Crowley     REWRITTEN ON 8/19/2013