Written by: Paula Larson

Beer, Bar, drink in town
two cases in my trunk
on road to rez', a place called home
so help me G - - I'm drunk!

The curves are getting steeper
but really know the way,
driven so much ~ a  sleeper
every day!

See all the crosses ~ "weep here"
white's just for the relay
time for that old grim reaper
the roll back ~here to stay!

Look all around ~ your keeper
rez' grounds, no work, no pay
the land, at least we own clear
now slots are here for "play!"

My freedom ~ home, once deep here
now seemingly we stray
rest on white cross ~ no beeper
no warning ~ morrow"s grey!

That last beer ~ drinking's cheaper
than meth, coke, morph, or grass
those blinking signs to add cheer
Bud up ~ come fill your glass!

For this time, choice, glass o' beer
hills ~ winding, blinding, fast,
hey blink, there's nothing in mirror ~
this old heap's done it's last!

Check out, the gauge is rampant
the pedal's stuck on gas, 
that last curve was a dancer
too late, this buggy's crashed!
            .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Then silence ~ sobbing, sob ~ tears 
could hear at best my prayer
So help me G - - ! I've O D ~
my future's gone nowhere!

On the winding road to Santee Reservation, the "white" crosses line, just about
all of the way.  The road is very steep and curvy!  However in the nearby Village
of about four square miles, there are NINE (9) liquor licenses, issued for about
$500.00 and yearly renewals, about $100.00.  The beat goes on for upper NE
Nebraska border towns.  Nebraska was voted #2 in binge drinking in the United
States this last year!  (Statistics can be verified)