Angel Dust

Written by: Lee Ramage

When problems arise in life, I would turn to my family but they have passed, As I make hard decisions, heaviness weighs on me that I know will last. Often with no straight-forward answers to issues, all I can do is pray, And hope that they will be answered, using good judgement for the day. As my mother was dying, I was so lucky I found a precious pup, Her sweet love supported me during this time, filled up my cup. Looking in my pup’s eyes, I see someone I’ve known, an old soul, Helping to mend my gaping wounds, she makes me feel whole. One day my cockatiel flew out the door, certain she was forever gone, Tried for days to get Molly back, leaving her cage on the front lawn. Put flyers up on every telephone pole and notices in the newspaper, Then a call from 25 miles away, they found Molly, our great escaper. The beautiful rainbow on the horizon, the sunbeam peeking from a cloud, These seem to support and guide me, making me want to cry out loud. Deep love and emotion fills my empty heart and warms my tender skin, I know these events are helped by the angel dust, sent from my kin.
Written by Lee Ramage October 9, 2012 For Gail Doyle’s contest “Angel Dust”