Life Storm

Written by: Michael Todd

My life right now
mirrors the storm outside,
the winds of change are blowing
and cracks in my heart are showing.
For perhaps the last time tears for you are flowing.

What should be tears of joy have become tears of dread
as I have an awful feeling of what lies ahead.
Will it be a curve and a cliff to fall off of
or will your arms curve around and save me?

The lightening is bright, the thunder blaring,
will you still love me and show that you're caring?
I've been there for you, now be there for me,
when I need it the most show your love for me.

Or shrink back into your shell,
make your life a living hell.
Who's important to you now, I can't tell
but, never say to anyone I didn't love you well.

My tears are drying
until and if our love is dying.
Dear God, let it not be so
because I can't handle life now if she goes.

The vacuum will be so great,
its emptiness will cause my heart to break
and I'll drag myself through each day and night
waiting for your love to return and again shine bright.