Written by: Chula Fleming

Today I sacrifice my martyrdom.  Today I cleanse my soul,
Release the past and reach for the new.
I'll look for the life I'm entitled to.

I rise above my delusions.  Pettiness and jealousy flee.
I banish the painful illusions that 
For so long have imprisoned me.

I am now free and unencumbered. Today I reach for the stars.
A life of joy encircles and uplifts me,
Erasing all the painful scars.

I will live this day.  Truly live it, as if it were my very last.
Though engulfed by meaningless fears
I'm no longer a prisoner of my past.

I now face my shrinking terror.  Today I step toward the light.
There's nothing left to run from and no more
Snarling, powerless demons left to fight.

I take my life into my hands.  Breathe deeply in Universal Breath.
Every thought, every person, place and thing
Now rings with Divine significance.

I know that Divinity dwells with my spirit.  Today God smiles behind my eyes.
And looks upon the new birthed world
With mirth, with pity, with joy, and expansive life.

Today, I will live.