So Much And Yes More

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

So Much and Yes More

As she let slip her gown to reveal a shoulder so white
Her head she turned round with lips full, luscious and teeth oh so white 
His lips trembled as they touched her flesh, the gown rippled to the floor
As he kissed her, his mind was planning to do so much, and yes more…

Knees trembling with a desire as the heat started to rise
His kisses rise up from her chin to each fluttering closed eye
Her hands did a walk round his body, she found twas no chore
He waited and he wanted her do so much, and yes more…

Burning now with desire, tongues battling with lust
Flicking the lips, the white teeth, tongue running round was a must
Teeth that shone in the blue light last night on the dance floor
Although they may be false they still wanted to do so much and yes more.

Knees that had trembled in that first shy clumsy embrace
Were strong and steady now he felt there was no need to chase
Because the walking frame is away they are leaning against the door
Wrapped in each others arms and wanting to do so much, and yes more…

New found love, the twinkle in the eye of each lover of fun
Misted eyes not with love, but a cataract on each one.
They exchanged words of love; they were going to have a drink next door
Holding hands under the table wanting to do so much and yes more…

Hearts were pounding a magnetism drew them so close to journeys end
The new induction cooker finished off the would be lovers that were now friends
As they leaned against it in a passionate embrace - neither saw
A warning about induction and pacemakers, that damage so much, and yes more…

The sparks they did fly and the couple reveled in their final burst of lust
But it was very short lived as they both then bit the dust
So take heed as you age and your passions still come to the fore
Avoid making love against an induction hob as the damage is so much and yes more…
© ~GG~ 09/10/2102