Biometrics to Heart Beats

Written by: jai Garg

Mine was counter number nine I heard
No one there what a relief
I sat to be told you next
Where? At ten; nine is off now.

Saw a real American woman
Finger scans each applicant
From behind a big glass screen;
It scared me to confront her.

From all the courage I could muster
Coaxed myself to take the turn
Choked throat, dry mouth came up front
Holding on to my file bag;

So they redo scans again I thought
Look for space to place papers
"Put them on the crucible ledge"
She said in a mild simple tone; 

I could not meet her eyes and shivered
Put hands as fast as I could
Let left fingers fall in line
Pressed hard at each grip to scan;

"Too dry run the tips over your cheek,
Like this" and gave her first smile;
Ran both hands over my cheeks
With left over, moved for right;

"Perfect will do" she smiled back at me
Just ID checks, saw my relief
Beyond 'lip service' she had come
To sequester my heart beats: