Deadly Deception

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"Deadly Deception" hearts hurting; hanging on mantle in pieces of shattered romance wandering eyes; tempted by "greener grass" my lonely nights fathom in a phantom dance. in Life and in Love; each moment a choice with stars in my eyes, I still hear your false voice. words cut so deep like a jagged knife "I just fell out of love with you" though I'll keep you in my memories our love was a lie and untrue. absorbing verbal bruises adultery always accuses. emotions surge raw as I empty my pain "second chances" were never my nitche' meet a woman who wants to move on with her life others label me as a stone *itch. you were the deceiver who fooled this believer. my philosophy is simple to understand yet larger than "forgive and forget" if you don't know what you have when you have it you will live your whole life with regret. love is a gift from God the Creator so I will forgive you cause I'm a lover ... not a hater. *For Delilah's Adultery..forgive or not frgive..