Written by: nette onclaud

Chilled wind in the *metro wheezed louder, shattered The eyes and damped skin. Thistles and grass blades washed by gaping teeth and drenched. Haggard, we were troubled by piles of birds waylaid. It is frost moment once more , frost moment all along. The moon grew old too soon, bawling through a crummy *playlist of blues’ songs Like frail bowl torn. *Hunk of a wind ruled the scene. It rode far into the dark sky’s legion, an energy Fierce as tail whipping oaks and fallen spires To wager a fight. Amidst a team of man and Luna, Wild stomps of thrill reeled, and then called a ceasefire. In gentle deed , it *gassed up fresh clouds to open With pleasure. As if, in the wheeze, nothing ever happened. ~ nature ~ Contest of Cyndi Mac Millan Timeless Yet Contemporary, A Sonnet Thang By nette onclaud