Chasing Ghosts

Written by: Jodie Williams

Forsake the rain-drenched window
The world still looks the same
Your shade of eye, contradicts
The clouds colour when it rains

I think of how your eyes would change
Depending on your mood
From almost green, they morph
Into a cloudless, summer blue

I'm scared I'll never understand
Or have anyone to blame
But I guess I'm not the victim 
In life's cruel, fatal game

And even if I conjour up
A word to ease the pain
Without your voice to speak
The word would never sound the same

Craving warmth, just something
That reminds me you were here
Crying permits no comfort
Just comfirms my greatest fears

Aching for a trace of you
I pull the covers tight
Your lost scent mocks your promise
I'm alone again tonight