the naked and the dead

Written by: jan oskar hansen

The Naked and the dead. 

Naked I walk through the town but no one sees me
no more than they see a shadow on a sun drenched 
wall… and I awoke my son´s name, he who was 
not born twenty years ago. My son I have given you
a grand education, all my money has gone to make
you middle class and respected in this town…speak 
now and stop your silence I need your support and 
do not be ashamed of your father who swam from 
the sea penniless but begat you my wonderful child 
unborn, cause your mother wanted to be attractive 
forever.  You are what I never became a person of class.
Do not leave me know, do not be ashamed of your 
sailor father who had nothing to give but his love for 
an unborn child. Night is so long I wait by the phone, 
just one call to tell me you have been successful and
that you love me.