A Lullaby and a Casual Stroll Add up to Zero

Written by: Zhian Mostofi

Summon the patient matrons from their hollow galleys 
Waiting on the edges of the musical drums within the flesh
None will know a return
In the outpouring of words, the distance becomes a rather familiar apparatus
And eerie reflections upon the surface raise the darkness in a dance of ageless allusions 
The gnomes sing into your oasis a monotonous insinuation
Held in the hands of passing expressions, who peer out through cogent faces
Until the contingent hours of darkness 

Here they find endowed jest pardons 
Sensing delicious manifestations of thought where none urge linger, but refuse in leering
And I pre-tinge my calm
Watching the calamity swerve ahead of me
And crash by an oak tree
Where the strangest things are bound to happen
Far under, the gaze deepens, something brilliant in disguise
Far under, the absurdity rises, as I speak with what words I’ve been given
Of the end  
A speechless zero-time