The Drunken Pen

Written by: Sha'ntez Jefferson

My pen remains drunken yet does not stumble
A functioning lifeaholic somehow agressively humble
Mixed drink of choice reality with a shot of enlightenment
Often it speaks through unslurred words it seeks out excitement
Exposure to these street games but it holds its composure
Still unsure it may be claimed so searching for closure
Ability to regret lost somewhere within the ink
It cant even object no matter how strong the drink
It has multiple epiphanies
Like instruments in a symphony
A rejoice that will not be muzzled
Choices that leave some puzzled
It goes beyond tunnel vision and exposes facades
It sees beyond our own dimension feeds on applause
My pen will never sober up I call it a lush
It patiently takes sips of life theres no need to rush.
Sha'ntez Jefferson