Fall at Summershade Cemetary

Written by: kathryn ramirez

It is cold here today, the leafs from the maple fall like snow,
I see that the flowers I planted for you, didn't really grow.
I can smell the dry leafs, as they crumble beneath my shoes,
I hear birds singing background in the distance, as I talk to you.
I have others here with me today but, I feel so alone.
I can barely take this silence from your cold headstone.

I came here to tell you all about the different changes in my life.
I have lived alot of these last few years, seen my share of personal strife.
I moved far away, started all over, and I am now raising your grandsons.
I am learning to be alone and still be productive, I even have a little fun.
I still cry when I see fathers of friends sometime though, since I haven't one at home.
And I just can't handle not recieving a hug but, there are no arms on your stone.

Then I gently clear your grave of the evidence fall leaves behind.
I say a prayer and sing a song, and all those old times come to mind.
My hot tears begin to blurr my sight, like shards of glass, they so painfully pour out.
And I lay a kiss on my fingers, then run it across the name of whom, I live without.
Goodbye for now Daddy, I love and miss you so. Oh, how I hate leaving you here alone.
I listen for a few moments, for what you might say, if there were a mouth upon your stone.