the truth about love

Written by: mike anthony

love is not the breaths you take in, 
but the breaths you lose 

its not the things i buy or the things we share, 
its the things i break and the fights i start when your not there

its not the sleep i lost from talking on the phone, 
its not having the will to wake up now that your gone

love is not cuddling up on the couch and watching tv ,
love is crying wile trying to gather the strength to make it to the couch 

its not joy and being happy when I look in your eyes,  
its the pain and fear now that I am not looking in them 

its not our first kiss,
its our last fight 

love is not looking forward to seeing you, 
love is hiding in the crowd when you walk by

its not being happy together,
its not having the strength to be alone 

its not our common interest , 
its our disagreements 

love is not laughing and smiling, 
love is tearing up and turning away 

its not our first date ,
its him taking you to our restaurant 

its not the fear of loosening you and wishing it would last forever ,
its fighting to live with out you and wishing your memories would fade 

love is how I fell about you,
love is not how you fell about me