the one way street of love

Written by: mike anthony

Sitting here trembling in fear wishing I could drink a beer,
Entrapped in my own prison,
and I cant stop seeing you in my visions,
as these fore walls taunt my every decision,
I keep wishing ,
if I knew now what I knew then,
my screams would sound a lot different 
the bottle my was short term escape, 
after 7 or 8 thinking of you slowed 
after 11 or 12 your name would unload 
but by morning I am back imprisoned,
strung out on coffee,
I fear of closing my eyes,
finding excuses to stay awake,
for this I know is not fake.
When I see you my heart skips a beat 
I cant even stand on my feet 
a minuet fells like weeks ,
seeing you happy is my life goal 
this is what I am working for 
it may be to late for me 
but I want to set you free 
that will put my soul at ease