Chivalry is Dead

Written by: Annie Lander

Man is Fearful and unapologetic 

 Chivalry is dead 

Fair ladies and noble chivalry 
Is a thing of the past? 
Men board buses and trains 
And small passageway 
and boorishly, say to the ladies 
especially on the freeway 
To move out of their way 
and stop backing up the highway 

However, the fair ladies are not timid 
  those wall flowers are replace by huge egos 
Today fair ladies retaliate and never exhibit ladylike qualities 
Therefore, men referred to them as whores. 
*****es and witches 

Women! Let us never bow and apologize  
Chivalry is dead, 
Because man is a broken giant and in all his mishaps 

Weak by nature in his arrogates ways. 
would it never end, it all depends
Whom do they think they are ?
The dust from the falling stars