My Goodness

Written by: Guy Chaifetz

My house, it’s a two story beauty.
My house, it really truly suits me.
My house, was built in ’49.
My house, I have to say it’s fine.

My street, it’s really pretty neat.
My street, it truly can’t be beat.
My street, I’ve been living here for years.
My street, through the joy and tears.

My city, it really looks pretty.
My city, is precious like a kitty.
My city, everybody loves it here.
My city, in my heart is very dear.

My state, it’s one of fifty.
My state, that much is pretty nifty.
My state, the southern most one.
My state, a place to have fun.

My country, the greatest in the world.
My country, let the flags be unfurled.
My country, not perfect, I’m not upset.
My country, wouldn’t leave it on a bet.

My world, the only one I know.
My world, there’s nowhere else to go.
My world, God’s most precious gift.
My world, in the universe adrift.

My galaxy, is called The Milky Way,
My galaxy, is one of many they say.
My galaxy, it goes on forever.
My galaxy, such a cosmic endeavor.

My goodness, it’s great to be alive.
My goodness, every day we have to strive
My goodness, to be the best we can.
My goodness, this is the story of man.