the betrayal

Written by: louis rams


She was a faithful wife, friend, mother and lover
With the man in her life there was no other.
She thought she was his companion and confidante
And another woman he did not want.

But he had a secret that he could not tell
Of another woman he knew quite well.
He was going to play cards he had said:
Then went and climbed into her bed.

This went on for quite some time
Till he was seen by prying eyes.
She then was told by a friend
And her tears rolled down without an end.

She followed him one night to his so called game
And the address she was given was exactly the same.
She felt humiliated and betrayed
And her life would never be the same.

When he came home that night
He found his suitcase outside the door
With a note : I never want to see you any more
You had betrayed my love and trust
 and my Pain is much to much
So take your things and go to her bed
From this moment on you are dead.

Alongside the note there were pictures of
The two embracing and kissing in the dark
Thinking they was alone in the park.

Now his betrayal came to light
As he begged and pleaded with all his might.

© L . RAMS