dreams born to unborn baby

Written by: Hitendra Mehta

For nine months, have curled inside 
Shall be out kicking, effort more than a glide
Will be slapped to life by Existence outside 
Cry shall launch me on life’s earthly ride 

Till this stage, sure there exists no option 
Leave alone, a fancy dream

But, in the phase thereafter
Have few dreams that existence matters 
Curled enough, would like to walk looking at stars
let not world again force me to bend inflicting scars 

Have lived a disciplined life as an embryo
Don’t entrap me into violation, manipulation, accumulation trio 

Have lived on borrowed food and oxygen
Would like to breathe fresh air, not used to pollution  
Allow me to earn daily bread, have never starved any day, any season  
After days hard work, let me sleep sans sleeping pills for any reason 

Pure was my soul, empty hands but with no terror bomb
As in womb, let me go as good human being in tomb

~ Hitendra Mehta 
Entry for Members contest – October 2012
Contest name -  Unborn Babies Dream  by Scribe Marlon Linton