More Than a Little

Written by: Shelbia Chandler

I was more than a little in love

Fitted to you----The proverbial glove

Caught up in requited fire

Touching the stars, yet ebbing higher.

Didn't matter that we'd barely met

My first--my last----I kinda forget.



It was more than a sensual fling

Couldn't be--but it was---that's the thing.

A lifetime and many miles apart

Yet you managed to capture my heart.

Don't know when that plan of never

Turned into some kind of forever

But it did-----Just because

And we liked how it was.




What do I do now that you're gone

I can't just erase and move on

But somehow there's no choice

So I hold on to your voice

And save your words in my mail

just in case old memories fail.


I never got a real goodbye

And I miss you, but I will not cry

That isn't what you'd want to see

Life stages--changes, meant to be.

There's a hole in my heart, but I'm standing strong

Anything less would be all wrong




Yes, I fell more than a little in love

What began as a nudge became a shove

Knew I could love you if I just let myself

You always stood apart from everyone else

So you you gave me permission to love you

To caress your very soul

And the part of heart you  gave to me

made my broken spirit whole.


Yes, I was more than a little in love.