Be My Inamorata

Written by: Willem Pietersen

                   Be My Inamorata

To talk of my righteousness,
Will not path my vivacious affection to you,
but will show my noble amicableness
and that might somehow pierce through your empathy.

Trying to haul your melodic voice that haunts
and meander inside me in sequence eternal,
Leaves me no choice but to
Predict the capacity of LOVE at my disposal.

When you invaded my dreams in haste hustle,
Your dignified persona blinded my integrity 
I illusioned cupid’s arrow in my castle,
Your BEAUTY seduced my instincts
Calling me with a heart-shaped whistle,
Pulchritude in its unique portrayal.

Let I telepathically pierce through your soul like an arrow,
Penetrate like a serpent in an route so narrow,
Bury my wits and contemplate my broken heart in sorrow,
For I wish you inject my heart with LOVE till morrow.

I horoscoped my future and saw my destiny in your eyes.
I premonitioned your indulgence generously in amour with me,
I preconceived the feeling you be my inamorata forever...

		               By Willem Pietersen