I Will Rise

Written by: Adesitimi Taiwo Damilola

"I will rise"

I will rise, "boldly I 
You that study my 
stars and say,
-it will but dim
Let me wake from my 
Like Joseph, soon I'll 
don't take me for fool
I'll rise and see my 
glory even if I've no 
Like Barthlomew I will 
see with surprise
Don't be afraid of 
selling me to the 
Do it, because its just a 
lift to my heights
I will rise, even if 
potiphar's wife comes 
my way
I know she is a hole on 
my way
She knows I'm at the 
corner to my throne
"I'll rise", to you is just 
a mere tone
My brothers, to me, this 
is not a sorrow
Because you will bow 
for me tomorrow.
Adesitimi Taiwo.