Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

Witches in the night,
Flying high with their broom,
Gives us so much fright,
Everybody’s heart is in gloom.

They looked so tall and pretty,
Opposite to what they said they’re ugly,
But dangerous if you’re not obey,
To do their will better for you to pray.

They want to scare all of us,
Awful laughter filled the cold night,
Using magic spells with a blast,
So stay away with their plans tonight.

Don’t looked straight in their eyes,
They might make you hypnotize,
And turn you into an ugly frog,
Then throw you far away in a snap!

It's indeed a scary Halloween day,
Invade you and the whole city,
Witches are everywhere really,
So hide…be in your house and stay.

4th Place Winner
For SKAT'S "Halloween Poem" (Old/New) Contest

*3rd Place
* October 08, 2012
For Russell Sivey's "The Ultimate Halloween" Contest