Written by: andrew delapruch

of all the reasons
to keep from doing,
this one has got you
in a bind, you’ve started
to believe in everything
but yourself &
all that energy my friend,
it takes time.

now, time is not something
you get more of, time is 
not something that they will
successfully sell you
(at least not yet) & so,
for the moment, what you
see is what you get, but what 
you know is not all you 
can learn, with so much
out there, with so much 
to find, to stop looking at
this point seems a bit,
how shall we say,
****ing stupid.

it’s the quantity of 
experience, the process of
the doing, the numerous
flashes of light & not
to dwell or discern on
the individual bursts
as if to think that the last
one you presently have 
seen will be the last one &
to relish---
too much thinking
not enough doing
judge ourselves by our
actions & not by our
ideas who may never make it
off the drawing board.

being kind to the artist inside,
being kind to the personality
that flourishes,
being kind to the heart that
wants to beat,
being kind to the mind that
wants to know
just what it is like to stop
worry about what it is like to
express oneself &